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Ploughman Studios is run by me Sydney Musician/Producer Douglas Skene. You may know me from my work in Progressive Rock outfit Anubis and Progressive Metal band Hemina. My style is modern with a distinct eye for pushing things to their limits in terms of arrangement and performance. I’d describe my production style as an endless goal of perfection whilst maintaining the emotional integrity of the artists in which I work with. Each project is a little different and that’s something I very much understand – so let’s work together to bring out what makes you , well… you.

I get the biggest buzz out of collaboration, so that can be expected from working with me as many artists have told me that I have a hands on and directive approach as opposed to sitting back and hoping for the best. I mainly work out of a Ploughman Studios in Western Sydney, however I have been known to do session work across the state and for international works also online.

My main motto to stick by is “every job must be better than the last”. That is my mantra and as such I am always chasing quality and I will not work on something unless I can proudly stand behind with my name on the line.

I specialise in Mixing and Mastering as well as vocal arrangement and production/performance coaching. As a singer, I know how much emphasis there is on getting a great vocal as it’s the main thing everyone notices first even if they are not a musician. If you need a helping hand in the studio with your technique or to arrange your harmonies or lyrics, that is something I am very interested in helping out with.

I look forward to making music together!

Please check out my blog and YouTube channel for free tips on Songwriting, Composition, Music Theory, Harmony, Mixing and Mastering.



At Ploughman Studios we offer flat rates for services so that you know when you are being quoted a certain price, that’s what you’ll pay.

Mixing: $250 per track

Mastering: $50 per track

Production/Songwriting: $300 per day or $50 per hour

Vocal Coaching: $50 per hour

Get in touch if you have any specific questions and we can sort out the finer details and timeframes for your work.

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"Doug is an extremely talented musician, songwriter and producer.
He has a wide range of taste that extends from Progressive Metal to Pop.
He has a solid work ethic that will take your songs to the final stages with a
professional and modern polish.

He has a high standard of professionalism in everything that he embarks on.

My band Genetics has found him an invaluable resource to draw upon
and an honest friend who will happily go the extra mile to ensure that
our production is in top shape and competitive with what is being released currently.
He is an asset to every band and artist who works with him!"

- Samuel Joseph, Genetics
“Dougie’s production skills are out of this world.
Professional, patient, efficient and effective.
An absolute pleasure to work with."
- H Walden, Agendas
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